Leica BLK3D

Real time, professional grade, in-picture 3D measurement.

The BLK3D captures images and places precise measurements at your fingertips. Share images and measurements in multiple formats.

Unmatched combination of a calibrated stereo-camera, advanced algorithms and real-time edge computing fused with leading Electronic Distance Measurement technology.

Take a picture. Measure anything.

Unmatched combination of a calibrated stereo camera, advanced algorithms, real time edge computing (no cloud connection needed) delivered in an Android-powered device the size of a smartphone.

Captures 2D images embedded with 3D data that instantly puts accurate measurements at your finger tips on the touchscreen.

Comes with desktop software you can use back in the office to take measurements using images that were captured in the field.

Can export images with annotated measurements in PDF or JPG format to share with anyone who needs them.